Disable Annoying WordPress Comments on Pages and Posts

November 19th, 2011

Hi! My name is Jon Walters, owner of Benjihost.com, and what I want to show you today is how easy it is to turn off those annoying comments that you get on WordPress. A lot times you’ll do a default installation of WordPress which allows anybody and everybody to submit comments to both your pages and your posts. And a lot of times you get just a tons of spam which is very annoying. So, why don’t we get started?

So, the first thing that we’re going to do is to login to the administrative section of our WordPress installation. For me, that web address is gonna be http://benjihost.net/blog/wp-login.php. So, I’m going to go ahead and login here.

And once I’m logged in, I’m gonna go to my pages because I’m gonna set my pages to not allow for content or for comments. So, the…probably the slowest way to do this is to go to each individual page and edit that page. I’ll just show you how to do that real quick; in case you want to do one specific page to not allow comments. So, we’ll scroll down here and we deselect…we deselect “allow comments.” And then we scroll back up and select “update” and that will update our page. So, that could be extremely time consuming if you go through all of your pages to update.

So, what I’m gonna show you here is a quick and easy way to update all your pages. Let’s say maybe you have 50 pages…or let’s say maybe you have a thousand blog posts…you want to update all of them at once to not allow for comments. This will gonna be easy to do. You just select this top icon here and it will check all of your pages. Select this drop down, select “edit,” select “apply.” And now in the comments drop down, we select “do not allow comments” and update. And it’s done!

All three of those pages are updated to not allow for comments and now you’re not gonna get that annoying spam. Hope that helps you out and if you have any questions and you are a current customer of Benjihost.com, please feel free to submit us a support ticket, we’re glad to help you. If you’re not a customer, please check us out and we have some resources on our website and our YouTube channel and we’re available and would love to have you as our customer. Thank you!

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How to Add Links to WordPress Blogroll

November 28th, 2010

Hey, my name is Jon Walters, owner of benjihost.com and today I wanna show you how easy it is to Add Links to the Blogroll section of your WordPress website.  So just to give you a reference of what I am referring to here we have the section called blogroll and we wanna see how easy it is to add these kind of links to the blogroll section.

So what I need to do first is login to the WordPress administration section of my website. So I wanna login here, the web address we wanna go to in my instance is benjihost.net/blog/wp-login.php and I log in. And the first thing we want to do is add a link to the blogroll. So I’m gonna go to the section Links on the left hand side and then select add new and I’m gonna call this BenjiHost, the web address will be http://benjihost.com, a little description here and the category that I wanna added to is blogroll. You can add other categories as well, right here, if you wanna add new categories and the target, this will be how the URL page opens. Does it open in the same browser window? Does it open in a new browser window? And I’m gonna actually set it to open in the same window. Here’s some miscellaneous sections you can fill out if you want to and I think that will take care of it so I’m gonna select add link. So now let’s go back out to our site and refresh the page and we see here that BenjiHost has been added to the blogroll and I can click on it and that will open the page.

So that’s how easy it is to add a link to your blogroll and I hope this information helps you out. If you are a BenjiHost.com customer, and you have additional questions, feel free to submit a support ticket at BenjiHost.com. If you’re not a current customer and you need web hosting, we would love to have you as customer and help you succeed in your online business. Thank you.

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